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by Martin Bromiley I do human factors.  As an airline pilot, I sit at the front of an aircraft that passes through the upper atmosphere at close to the speed of sound. My immediate thoughts are about 100 miles ahead. … Continue reading

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Chapter 16: Human Factors Practice in Military Aviation: On Time and On Target

by Ben Cook and Ryan Cooper Practitioner summary The tactical application of human factors (HF) in a military aviation context presents practitioners with an array of challenges and opportunities to enhance operational effectiveness and safety outcomes. Military commanders require pragmatic, … Continue reading

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Chapter 15: Human Factors and Ergonomics Practice in Aviation: Assisting Human Performance in Aviation Operations

by Jean Pariès and Brenton Hayward Practitioner summary By nature a highly dynamic and intrinsically risky system, aviation has always manifested the need to consider HF/E very seriously. It first did this empirically, through trial and error, following intuitions, which … Continue reading

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