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Chapter 25: Human Factors and Ergonomics Practice in Web Engineering and Operations: Navigating a Critical yet Opaque Sea of Automation

by John Allspaw Practitioner summary Web engineering and operations is a nascent, fast-growing and largely untouched discipline from a human factors and ergonomics (HF/E) standpoint. The domain is ripe with complexity and ambiguity, due to the dynamic nature of the … Continue reading

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Chapter 14: Human Factors/Ergonomics Practice in the Rail Industry: The Right Way, the Wrong Way and the Railway

by Ben O’Flanagan and Graham Seeley Practitioner summary                                                                           The rail industry offers huge potential for the practical application of human factors/ergonomics (HF/E) to support human-centred design, to improve human performance and to help shift mindsets away from ‘blame and … Continue reading

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Chapter 5: Human Factors and the Ethics of Explaining Failure

by Roel van Winsen and Sidney W.A. Dekker Practitioner summary The idea that human performance is systematically connected to the features of people’s tools and tasks effectively constitutes the birth of human factors. However, accidents are often still seen as the … Continue reading

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