Part 4: Communicating about HF/E

Part 4 of the book considers issues associated with communicating about HF/E, at all levels and in various forms. This part of the book has four chapters.

Chapter 28 (Nigel Heaton and Bernie Catterall) concerns communicating with senior management in organisations. Nigel and Bernie describe ways to improve communication with senior teams to support them in articulating HF/E issues and begin to deliver improvements.

Chapter 29 (David Antle and Linda Miller) considers engaging participants in HF/E. David and Linda discuss how the engagement of key employees allows for more appropriate and versatile HF/E interventions.

Chapter 30 (Don Harris) turns to writing as an HF/E practitioner, and provides practical advice for practitioners who wish to write up their applied work for journals, magazines and other media.

Chapter 31 (Dom Furniss) takes a comprehensive look at public and social media engagement for HF/E practitioners. Dom discuses his experience of outreach and networking, including the variety of approaches to public and social media engagement.